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New report: Future healthcare and life science needs new regulations and ways for collaboration

Pressrelease, 21 september 2017.
In the report Where is life science heading in the future?  by Stockholm Science City, the future of healthcare is said to be predictive, preventive, participatory and personalized. Technology is taking an increasing role in both academic research and healthcare, pushing a need for strategic investments and clever use of infrastructure and expertise. 

Brown Bag Lunch Talks @ MSD: Big threats, the small individual and vaccines as a solution

Thursday, 12 October, 2017 - 11:30 to 13:00

Diseases are one of the biggest treaths to humans, but we can protect ourselves. Today we have access to Ebola vaccines and with vaccines against HPV we can discover several different cancers. Everyone needs the opportunity. It is prerequisite for our survival.

Stockholm Innovation Scholarship 2017

Now the application period for Stockholm Innovation Scholarship is open. It is presented in five categories: Simplify Everyday Life; Creative Industries; Life Sciences and Health; Travel and Tourism; and Social Impact and Sustainability. To be eligible for a scholarship you must reside, work or study in Stockholm County. Each winner will receive a SEK 100,000 scholarship as well as qualified coaching. 

Ylva Williams new judge for Stockholm Innovation Scholarship 2017

Stockholm Innovation Scholarship is a way to reward creative people with bright ideas and encourage them to develop those ideas. This year Ylva Williams, CEO of Stockholm Science City Foundation, is one of the jury members who have the task of identifying the best innovations. She is handpicked for her expertise and industry experience and will be in the judging panel of the Life Science and Health category.

Business Development Grants for Internationalization 2017-2018

A business development grant could make it easier for your business to reach new international markets faster. Business development grants are for SMEs wanting to expand into a new, international market or to further expand their international market. The grant is intended to contribute to the sustainable growth of your business. 

Breakfast seminar: Pharmaceutics or medical device - which path should or could you choose?

Thursday, 28 September, 2017 - 07:30 to 09:00

When developing a new innovative product with the goal to prevent, treat or diagnose people, there are regulations that ultimately ensure that the product is safe for the user. Which regulatory framework is the best way forward may not always be as obvious as you can think. Welcome to discuss and talk about this topic with Anna Törner and Stina Johansen from Scandinavian Development Services (SDS). 

Sweden's first competition to make people move

One of our biggest challanges in health is the fact that we are moving significantly less than we did a hundred years ago. Shine Competition aims to draw attention to the problem and to activate problem solvers from all parts of society with the goal to find solutions with potential to improve the health of many. 

County Council Finance Commissioner, Stockholm County Council. Member of the board of Stockholm Science City Foundation between 2008-2014

Less bureaucracy is going to make a growing Stockholm County ready for the future

Stockholm is the fastest growing city region in Europe. People are moving here for work, studies or for love. To keep up our politicians need to make right, but sometimes tough, priorities. Irene Svenonius (M), County Council Finance Commissioner, Stockholm County Council, tells us about her work to prepare Stockholm County for the future. 

NanoForum 2017

Monday, 25 September, 2017 - 13:00 to Tuesday, 26 September, 2017 - 13:00

The annual nordic nanotech conference, NanoForum, takes place at September 25-26 in Uppsala. Take the opportunity to be a part of forming the future of nanotechnology in the Nordics. Learn about the latest trends and success stories in sessions focusing on entrepreneurship, investments and the latest research in nanotechnology and connect to key executives and world leading scientists speaking at NanoForum.

Andreas Namslauer, Business Development Manager, Stockholm Science City Foundation,

Where is life science heading in the future?

During two sunny days in the beginning of May, Stockholm Science City Foundation and Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation gathered representatives from research, clinical medicine, healthcare providers, life science industry, venture cap, philanthropy and the government for a meeting at Engelsberg Bruk. The topic for the seminars and discussions was “Where is life science heading in the future?”. The meeting had a global outlook with invited guests from Sweden and abroad.