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Andreas Namslauer, Business Development Manager, Stockholm Science City Foundation,

The MYiHealth conference puts patients at the heart of a digitized world

On September 20-21, it was time for the new MYiHealth conference. This is Digital Health Days in a new suit, with a new name and with an even greater focus on the patient and patient’s needs.

Board member, Stockholm Science City Foundation and Museum Director, Spritmuseum

Ingrid Leffler tells the story about her grandfather Göran Gustafsson: "He wanted to create conditions for man to improve his environment"

Ingrid Leffler is a new member of the board at Stockholm Science City Foundation. Here she gives us the story of her grandfather Göran Gustafsson and how he created the foundation of what is today the Göran Gustafsson Foundation for Research at Uppsala University and KTH. Her grandfather's foundation is also one of Stockholm Science City Foundation's current financial contributors. 

Henrik Ahlén, eHealth strategist at Alfa Bravo and Kentor/Sopra Steria

Artificial Intelligence in health – we look into the future

Ahead of the upcoming seminar on artificial intelligence in health on November 16 at the H2 Health Hub, we took the opportunity to ask Henrik Ahlén, moderator at the seminar, some questions. Henrik has been working with strategies and service development within e-health for a long time via his own company Alfa Bravo and now also at the IT consulting company Kentor/Sopra Steria.

Human capabilities increasingly important in our digital society

During 2017, Stockholm Science City arrange a seminar series on the topic artificial intelligence in health. On August 31, Karim Jebari from the Institute for Futures Studies participated on stage and we took the opportunity to talk with him afterwards about how he thinks that human capabilities and characteristics such as creativity and compassion will be valued in our increasingly data and AI controlled society. 

Breakfast seminar on Medical Technology vs. Medicine - Short summary

On September 28th, Stockholm Science City organized a breakfast seminar at the H2 Health Hub where Anna Törner and Stina Johansen from Scandinavian Development Services discussed the differences and similarities between pharmaceutics and medical devices. 

County Council Finance Commissioner, Stockholm County Council. Member of the board of Stockholm Science City Foundation between 2008-2014

Less bureaucracy is going to make a growing Stockholm County ready for the future

Stockholm is the fastest growing city region in Europe. People are moving here for work, studies or for love. To keep up our politicians need to make right, but sometimes tough, priorities. Irene Svenonius (M), County Council Finance Commissioner, Stockholm County Council, tells us about her work to prepare Stockholm County for the future. 

Andreas Namslauer, Business Development Manager, Stockholm Science City Foundation,

Where is life science heading in the future?

During two sunny days in the beginning of May, Stockholm Science City Foundation and Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation gathered representatives from research, clinical medicine, healthcare providers, life science industry, venture cap, philanthropy and the government for a meeting at Engelsberg Bruk. The topic for the seminars and discussions was “Where is life science heading in the future?”. The meeting had a global outlook with invited guests from Sweden and abroad.

Maria Fogelström Kylberg

Stockholm Akademiska Forum promotes Stockholm as an attractive academic destination

Stockholm Akademiska Forum, Staf, is a collaboration between 18 universities and City of Stockholm and is working to showcase the role of academy and it's meaning for society. A part of the work is to promote Stockholm as an academic destination and to support the international students and scientists who are active at Stockholm's universities, and their partners and families. We had the opportunity to talk to Maria Fogelström Kylberg, Managing Director at Staf. 
Björn Varnestig, CEO, Flemingsberg Science

Flemingsberg - a place where knowledge drives business

Flemingsberg Science creates synergies for research and innovation in Flemingsberg. A part of the vision for Flemingsberg is to make it to a place where knowledge drives business. Björn Varnestig, CEO at Flemingsberg Science, tells us about what the foundation is up to right now and what is going to happen during 2017. 

Digital tools for everyone

How do you create web services that work for everyone and what digital tools should be developed to make life a little easier for people with cognitive impairment? At the H2 Health Hub - Stockholm's co-working space and meeting place for health tech - two companies are working on these issues. We were given the opportunity to ask a few questions to Stefan Johansson at Begripsam and Joel Holmberg at Haja Applikation.