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The place where Solna and Stockholm meet is already a strong centre where academic knowledge, industry and healthcare providers cooperate to contribute to improved health and life quality.

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Apr 7 2017

Vitartes is building for life science in Hagastaden

In October the construction of Vitartes' project Scandinavian Life Science, two properties for healthcare, research, education and enterprise, started in Hagastaden. The properties, Kv. Princeton and Kv. Patienten, are located across the street from Nya Karolinska Solna and are approximately 2000 square meters. In one of the properties there will be an Eye Center of Excellence with S:t Eriks Ögonsjukhus as a major tenant. There is a lot of curiosity of the project and we got the opportunity to ask a few questions to Steinar Stokke, CEO at Vitartes. 

Steinar Stokke, CEO, Vitartes
Steinar Stokke
CEO, Vitartes