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The place where Solna and Stockholm meet is already a strong centre where academic knowledge, industry and healthcare providers cooperate to contribute to improved health and life quality.

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Apr 7 2017

May 11: The keys to a healthier life with chronic disease

Thursday, 11 May, 2017 - 09:00

A lot of effort has been made to improve healthcare for people with chronic diseases, but a lot of work still remains to get a healthcare that works in the every day life for patients who are going to live with their disease for the rest of their lives. Dagens Medicin Agenda arranges this day where there will be a progress report about the ongoing efforts and how to follow up on the results. 

When: May 11 2017, 09.00-16.20
Where: Finlandshuset, Snickarbacken 4, Stockholm
How: Read more and register here >>

The day is arranged by Dagens Medicin Agenda.