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Human capabilities increasingly important in our digital society

During 2017, Stockholm Science City arrange a seminar series on the topic artificial intelligence in health. On August 31, Karim Jebari from the Institute for Futures Studies participated on stage and we took the opportunity to talk with him afterwards about how he thinks that human capabilities and characteristics such as creativity and compassion will be valued in our increasingly data and AI controlled society. 
Karim says that human physical capabilities will continue to lose importance in pace with an increasing automatization of tasks at our work places and in our daily life’s. AI powered services can now be used to analyse sound, visual patterns and other forms of data. In the field of robotics, AI is also starting to provide basic orientation skills and rudimentary lifting capabilities for robots. However, when more tasks can be handed over to computers and robots, our human intellectual capabilities such as reasoning, creativity and ability to make decisions becomes increasingly important. The AI we know today relies on strictly logic statistics and lacks any form of ability to reason and understand the purpose of its calculations. Therefore, the human-machine interaction will continue to be necessary where we as humans provide the ability to reason, understand complex situations, make decisions, be compassionate and be creative.