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Håkan Lavebratt, PhD Engineering. Key Account Manager Medtech, AMB

With insight into the development of medtech products

Medtech is a broad area that includes an unlimited number of different products used in healthcare. An important component in many medical devices is the plastic parts required for the final product and in order to reach the market, a variety of skills are needed. At a seminar on January 23, we will learn more about medtech plastic details from four companies. We took the chance to ask questions to the seminar’s moderator Håkan Lavebratt from ABM Industri, one of the participants you have the opportunity to meet during the upcoming seminar.

Björn Sjöstrand, CEO Scandinavian Biopharma

Drinkable vaccine against ETEC in development: a life saver for children in developing countries

Scandinavian Biopharma is a Swedish research-based biotech company located in Solna. They are now developing a vaccine to prevent ETEC, a diarrheal disease that anually affects 400 million people. CEO at Scandinavian Biopharma, Björn Sjöstrand, answers our questions about the project and the vaccine that hopefully will protect travelers from diarrhea and especially save children in developing countries from malnutrition.

Johan Gomez de la Torre, Business Development Manager, Stockholm Science City Foundation

EMA is moving to Amsterdam

The expectations all around Europe were high on november 20 when representatives from the EU member states met to decide where the European Medicinal Agency should relocate. After a spectacular voting exercise, Amsterdam came out on top. The process to decide where to move the agency started officially in the early summer 2017 and intensified during the fall. Stockholm fell short in the end but the Swedish candidature made the regional collaboration to gain momentum during the year which hopefully will have positive effects on the life science sector in the region.


Anna Starbrink (L) Foto: Frida Rönnholm, People76

World-class healthcare, research and education when the new Karolinska University Hospital opens

The full opening of Karolinska University Hospital's new building is coming up. It will enable a highly modern care with the patient at center. Anna Starbrink, County Council Healthcare Commissioner, Stockholm County Council, gives us her thoughts on the NKS project and what opportunities the new hospital will bring to the patients and to the region.
Riccardo Diamanti, PhD student, Stockholm Center for Biomembrane Research, Stockholm University

Stockholm as an arena for scientists in life science

The Stockholm region holds strong academic research, with three successful universities as well as leading healthcare providers and one of the most modern university hospitals in the world. What does this environment have to offer students and researchers that are moving here? Riccardo Diamanti, PhD student in Biochemistry, gives us a glimpse of his experiences from living and working as a researcher in Stockholm.

Thera Hollander, Conference Manager, Swedish Standards Institute

SIS Conference Center – modern conference facilities in the center of Hagastaden

Nearly a year ago the Swedish Standard Institute (SIS) moved to Hagastaden. SIS is a non-profit association specialised in national and international standards. In life science, SIS develops standards that contribute to quality assurance, efficiency and increased patient and user safety from an operational perspective. At SIS Conference Center experts meet to develop standards. Thera Hallinder, Conference Manager at SIS, tells us about the conference center and the modern facilities at Torsplan, now available for external events.

Art at the New Karolinska Solna will provide a human perspective in a generally clinical environment

The Culture Administration at Stockholm County Council has operated the work of the artistic design at the hospital New Karolinska Solna. The NKS project is the largest single art project within public spaces in Sweden. Cecilia von Schantz, Communications Manager in the project, answers our questions about the hospital’s great investments in art.


Andreas Namslauer, Business Development Manager, Stockholm Science City Foundation,

The MYiHealth conference puts patients at the heart of a digitized world

On September 20-21, it was time for the new MYiHealth conference. This is Digital Health Days in a new suit, with a new name and with an even greater focus on the patient and patient’s needs.

Board member, Stockholm Science City Foundation and Museum Director, Spritmuseum

Ingrid Leffler tells the story about her grandfather Göran Gustafsson: "He wanted to create conditions for man to improve his environment"

Ingrid Leffler is a new member of the board at Stockholm Science City Foundation. Here she gives us the story of her grandfather Göran Gustafsson and how he created the foundation of what is today the Göran Gustafsson Foundation for Research at Uppsala University and KTH. Her grandfather's foundation is also one of Stockholm Science City Foundation's current financial contributors. 

Henrik Ahlén, eHealth strategist at Alfa Bravo and Kentor/Sopra Steria

Artificial Intelligence in health – we look into the future

Ahead of the upcoming seminar on artificial intelligence in health on November 16 at the H2 Health Hub, we took the opportunity to ask Henrik Ahlén, moderator at the seminar, some questions. Henrik has been working with strategies and service development within e-health for a long time via his own company Alfa Bravo and now also at the IT consulting company Kentor/Sopra Steria.