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GSK Innovation

GSK has initiated the GSK Innovation as a mean to further drive their product portfolio toward new product ideas and innovative solutions within consumer healthcare. Here GSK encourage external innovators to provide an initial non-confidential suggestion targeting a defined set categories "wants" with more specified challenges whithin each category. New ideas are processed through the GSK Open Innovation Pathway.

In addition GSK is also responsible for the Bioelectronics Innovation Challenge where the aim is for research teams to develop a fully functional device whic can wirelessly an constantly monitor, stimulate and block neural signals from an internal organ over 60 days. The winning entry will be made freely available to the global research community and the winning team will be awarded $1 million. To further support the Innovation Challange an Innovation Challenge Fund (ICF) has been established to support academics and small companies working to stimulate and block neural signals in organs. To get additional information registration is necessary at the GSK Innovation Challenge portal.