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A new year with Health 2.0 Stockholm

In March, we will run the first Health 2.0 Stockholm meetup of 2017. Since our very first meetup in 2011 the interest in health tech (aka digital health, eHealth, mHealth, connected health) has exploded. 2011 was the year when the IBM supercomputer Watson was launched and won the American version of Jeopardy. Last year Manipal Hospitals in India offered IBM Watson for Oncology as an online service through their website to cancer patients to be used as an expert second opinion.  

Comparing to 2011, the health tech sector has matured. Going from just a few pioneering digital health entrepreneurs in Sweden back then, who tried to explore the possibilities of developing smart digital tools, we now have online physicians provided by companies such as Kry and MinDoktor; rapidly growing companies like Coala Life and Aifloo providing mobile sensors for advanced monitoring at home; and increasing investments in start-ups. We have also seen acquisitions like RxEye (who demoed at the very first Health 2.0 Sthlm meetup) bought by Sectra. Since a year ago Stockholm also has a co-working space devoted to health tech companies – H2 Health Hub.      
The flora of conferences and meetups for start-ups in general and health tech players has also become richer. At Health 2.0 Stockholm we will always go for the tangible. The heart and soul of our meetups are demos of products and services by entrepreneurs as well as a diverse audience and free-flowing, non-prestigious, discussions. When others talk about future visions we show what is possible today. When others complain about slow paced health-care providers we let the entrepreneurs describe how they experiment with different business models. Instead of only jumping the bandwagon filled with tech buzzwords like AI and IoT, at our meetups we try to explore exciting niches where small companies can make a big difference. So, for the march meetup on the 9:th of March we will focus on digital tools for people with physical, mental and cognitive disabilities. A field where you can make a big difference. Read more and register for the meetup here.
About Health 2.0: Health 2.0 is a global network of health tech experts. Health 2.0 promotes, showcases and catalyzes new technologies in health care. Through a worldwide series of conferences, code-a-thons, and prize challenges, we bring together the best minds, resources and technology for compelling panels, discussions and product demonstrations, and more.  
Health 2.0 Chapters are local grassroots groups of innovators who meet regularly with the mission to cultivate and propel health technology in their communities. Health 2.0 Stockholm get support from Stockholm Science City Foundation to run the meetups.  
Andreas Namslauer, Business Development Manager, Stockholm Science City Foundation,
Andreas Namslauer
Business Development Manager, Stockholm Science City Foundation,