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Sneak preview of the Nordic Life Science Days

Nordic Life Science days (NLSDays) takes place for the fifth time and for the first time changes venue to Malmö-Copenhagen. NLSDays offers networking and knowledge for all interested in the Nordic life science and beyond covering biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and e-health business. The event kicks-off September 12 and ends on the 14:th. The seminar sessions are taking form and from the conference general, Olivier Duchamp, we have received a sneak preview of the different tracks during the conference.

Regenerative Medicine
Co-Hosted by Business Region Göteborg and Invest in Skåne
Sponsored by NDA Reg
This supersession will focus on a specific field of regenerative medicine, Gene Therapy. The possibility to replace defective genes in a patient’s cells with healthy ones using viral vectors and gene editing technologies, opens the potential to treat or prevent numerous diseases which currently lack successful treatment. Although most gene therapies are still in an experimental stage, several examples have recently been successfully translated into clinical practice and products with regulatory approval. This session will discuss the diverse challenges involved in the translation of gene therapies to clinic and market, and highlight some successful examples.
Hosted by LUDC
Sponsored by Novo Nordisk and Sanofi
The diabetes session will focus on disruptive new solutions and future diabetes treatment options. Special focus will be on recent developments, where closed loop systems and ultrafast acting insulins will be game changers for insulin treated diabetes patients, especially those with unstable blood glucose.
A new mechanism to fund the timely execution of lower-priority clinical trials
Hosted by Arthur D. Little
Sponsored by DNB
Some biopharma companies have built pipelines that offer more development opportunities than their resources allow them to pursue. Promising clinical trials may be moved down the priority list and their execution delayed – resulting in decline of asset value against a fixed patent expiration date. One potential solution is to package complementary trials and bring them into collaboration with investors, CROs or other organizations and fund the execution of these trials outside the biopharma company. There are several potential advantages of this approach. But this session will also reflect upon questions like: What would be the primary driving forces for different parties to engage in this type of collaborations? Are there also complications with the phenomenon? How does the excess of promising assets with large biopharma companies affect other parts of the life science ecosystem?
Transformative Oncology: Advancing Cancer Immunotherapy by novel partnerships, bugs and bytes
Hosted by Oslo Cancer Cluster
Sponsored by MSD and DNB
The session gathers a group of experts with complementary expertise to present and discuss recent approaches in Cancer Immunotherapy. Tremendous scientific progress resulted in real clinical breakthroughs and a growing number of cancers are now successfully treated with immunotherapy. However, many challenges remain and for tackling these collaborations among various disciplines is essential. A set of compact presentations will highlight how players from pharma, biotech and academia advance the field and what we can learn from microbiologists and machine learning experts.
Service providers as research power houses
Hosted by SwedenBIO
Sponsored by Covance
Many of the service providers in life science R&D have their own research. They provide much more than just an extra pair of hands and they spend high amounts on in house development of their services. With this super session, we will highlight their efforts and importance for the life science ecosystem where many of the companies are small and source for the latest technologies for their research and development.
Nordic Life Science Days is a SwedenBIO event produced by Bionordic. It is the largest Nordic partnering conference dedicated to the life science industry. Since its inception in 2013, the event has nurtured a community of people from the world of life science, and created a unique place to do business. Read more and register at prior to June 30 to ensure the regular registration rates.